Tiny C Compiler - C Scripting Everywhere - The Smallest Linux C Compiler


  • SMALL! You can compile and execute C code everywhere, for example on rescue disks (about 100KB for x86 TCC executable, including C preprocessor, C compiler, assembler and linker).
  • FAST! tcc generates optimized x86 code. No byte code overhead. Compile, assemble and link several times faster than GCC.
  • UNLIMITED! Any C dynamic library can be used directly. TCC is heading torward full ISOC99 compliance. TCC can of course compile itself.
  • SAFE! tcc includes an optional memory and bound checker. Bound checked code can be mixed freely with standard code.
  • Compile and execute C source directly. No linking or assembly necessary. Full C preprocessor and GNU-like assembler included.
  • C script supported : just add ' \# !/usr/local/bin/tcc -run' at the C script supported : just add '# !/usr/local/bin/tcc -run' at the first line of your C source, and execute it directly from the command line.
  • With libtcc, you can use TCC as a backend for dynamic code generation.
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