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Oregano is free software, licenced under the General Public Licence (GPL). Oregano is based on the original source code of the same name, written by Richard Hult, and has been continued by this group of developers since late 2003.

Schematic capture, Design is everything

Oregano has a user friendly graphic interface that allows to design and describe the circuit to simulate. It provides a wide variety of component libraries, including CMOS, TTL, lineal, operational amplifiers, and a lot more!

Circuit simulation

Oregano lets you simulate the designed circuits. You can analyze in time, in frequency, do DC sweep and Fourier Analysis. You can configure several simulation options, use probe tools, edit the netlist and simulate manually. Oregano can use GNU Cap and ngSpice as simulation backends.

Ease of use

The main goal is to develop a program that is easy to use, it does not encumber the user with lots of unnecesary options, and that anyone can use it with very little effort.

Supported platforms

Oregano is available for a wide variety of Unixes, including GNU+Linux, FreeBSD and Darwin. It is not available for Windows (TM)

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