Here is C.a.R. (compass and ruler), a program, that simulates school geometry constructions with a pair of compasses and a straightedge (ruler).

The program uses Java, and runs on almost any modern platform.

The program is freeware, and the source is available and free by the GNU General Public License.

Here I have a summary of the features of C.a.R.

  • Simulation of school geometry constructions in the plane.
  • Runs on almost any modern platform, including Windows 95, NT or better, Linux, Mac OS, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris and other Unix
  • Special graphical enhanced version for Java 1.3 (using e.g. anti-aliasing).
  • Free source under GPL.
  • HTML documentation.
  • Context sensitive help integrated into the program.
  • Modern intuitive interface, which follows the common interface rules.
  • GUI in English, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.
  • Configurable toolbox.
  • Visual mode of construction or descriptive mode, using commands.
  • Programming language for constructions, including macros and macros called in macros.
  • Uses the right mouse button for object properties and object movement as usual.
  • Automatic generation of points on objects and intersections, with or without confirmation
  • Lengths of segments and other sizes may be fixed. Fixed circles and angles can still be changed with the mouse, unless they are fixed by a composite expression.
  • Partially visible circles and lines, which display only the relevant parts.
  • Circles can be drawn as arcs.
  • Arcs and angles can be kept acute.
  • Hiding of construction details. Super-hiding with the hide tool and the control key.
  • Colored construction objects.
  • Think, normal or thick stroke for objects.
  • Arrows.
  • Display of object names, values or both.
  • User controlled display accuracy for values.
  • Construction tools for parallels, plumb lines and midpoints.
  • Track of points while the user moves another point. Tracks of more than one point or line.
  • Conic sections determined by 5 points.
  • Tracks of curves from a set of tangents.
  • Automatic tracks, while a point moves along a circle or a line. Tracks try to run through all construction states. Moved point turns, when it becomes invalid.
  • Tracks or other constructions can be fixed as a background picture.
  • Animation, and animated tracks.
  • Macros to speed up construction steps and to make possible more complicate constructions.
  • Optional prompt for values of angles, sizes of circles and expressions in macros.
  • Assignments. Computer checks solution.
  • Presentation of constructions in the Web.
  • Automatic export into HTML, including style sheets, colors and other details.
  • Use of the XML standard to store constructions.
  • Constructions may be stored in compressed form.
  • Fine printing.
  • Arithmetic expression to display values and to fix object parameters (segment length, point position, angle size etc.). Expressions can be used in other expressions, and work in macros.
  • Filled polygons with optional area display, transparent in Java 1.3., filled circles and angles.
  • Multi line text.
  • Replay of the construction.
  • Optional grid with point snap.
  • Background picture or tiled pattern.
  • Save graphics to bitmap, in SVG, EPS or in FIG format.
  • Constructions may be loaded in descriptive mode from a file, or edited in-line.
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