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Where is the source for Knosciences & KnoMath ?

:?: If someone wanted the source code for 'knosciences' … that is, whatever you compiled to build it, I'm not asking for the source for Sun's Java … is it conveniently packaged anywhere ?

:!: There are no real sourcecode for knosciences itself. Mainly icons, documentation, examples, mime-type, some configuration files and the like …

Yes, it could be packaged, but it's not the case for now.

The vast majority of the software sourcecode is packaged on the apt-get debian ftp. (See the file /etc/apt/source.conf)

:?: Or would they have to chase down all the packages that you list in the documentation ?

:!: You should if you want the sourcecode for JAVA Apps, JAVA itself, Optgeo, Xcas, Dozzzaqueux, NVU, Scilab and Déclic.

The documentation contain all the weblinks you'll need

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